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Recruiting for The 'British Collective'


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PS3 & X-Box players are always welcome to request an invite to the crew!


You must have a Social Club that is linked to your PSN/X-Box account so we can see your player I.D.


Rule 1: No deliberate crew killing

Rule 2: No hackers/modders

Rule 3: No squeakers


Crew/Gang Name: British Collective
About: GTA Online missions, races, DMs, capture - free-roam (maybe the odd bit of parachuting)
Membership Contact: hercules1975
Leader Contact: R89Pow
Platform(s): PS3 / X-Box
Games: GTA Online
Timezone: GMT
Use the link above to request an invite, this is is easiest way of joining the crew!
Or add me as a friend on the Social Club and send me a message so I can invite you online
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