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boating down a mountain


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anyone try it yet?


How to:


1. Enter deathmatch creator and create a deathmatch


2. Test out deathmatch and use teleport, if hit A on xbox controllers/ X on playstation now you can teleport yourself to anywhere on the map


3. Grab a boat or jet ski any vehicle you want to go sliding down a mountain with,


4. Use teleportation to teleport to the top of mt. Chilliad or mt. Gordo


5. Enjoy the ride! You can do this many times as you want.

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Captain Mannering

Pretty boring when you have to be in a deathmatch just to do it.

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Alternative method:


1. Get a Cargobob.

2. Get a Boat

3. Drop it on a mountain

4. Slide down said mountain.

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well I have fun doing it and someone else thinks so too


alternative to your alternative: grab cargobob attach boat teleport to top of mountain slide down it

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Hey we could grab a boat with a Cargobob and slide down the mountain until you reach the sea or the lake.

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In gta 4 I would the spawn boat cheat while ontop of a building. Took a few times to get the spawn to be perfectly on the edge where as soon as I jumped in, it would tip over and fall.


Gotta agree, it might just be easier using he cargobob to carry up a boat or jet ski. Heck even the sub would slide nice.

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i did it with the sub was fun but dont go down a mountain side that has rocks or trees its nice fun tho

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i remember SAMP had these crazy races starting way up the map, using a boat to slide down giant pipes and tunnels included mid race.


it were these races where you had checkpoints to switch vehicles, some of the best fun i ever had.

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