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Black Mexican Army


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Hello GTAForums. Black Mexican Army(no we are not racist, that is our crew color. We accept every race.) is here to provide justice in GTA Online. We are a friendly group of individuals that would like to bring you an army like no other into GTA. Think of it like Merryweather. We go into lobbies and just cause chaos. Our motto is: Old enough to know better, young enough to not care. We are united. We have everyone's back when it comes to the battlefield. We never let each other down in any way. If one is having trouble, we are all there to back him/her up. We would like you to join because we are like the Ballas. If you mess with us, we mess with you. We will help you with anything you would like such as ranking, getting stats up, ect. This crew will let us interact with each other like a family. We are very loyal until you miss with our guildlines which I will talk about below. This crew is made for one reason only and that reason is to be the best there ever was. We are trying as hard as we can to make this crew as good as the other ones. We plan to be on the top like other crews. In this crew there are certain types of clothes you may wear. Starting off, you may wear any clothing as you'd like. Starting at rank 60 you wear the Red camo pants with any red shirt and hat. Same with level 70 you may wear the White camo pants with any white shirt like the previous level. Level 80 is the regular camo with any green/brownish shirt. Rank 90 is the blue camo pants with any blue shirt. And last but not least, once you reach rank 100, you will have the black camo with black shirt and black Ray ban glasses and Black hat.



  1. We do not tolerate people killing crew members. You are in to make friends not allies.
  2. If you cause ANY sort of drama that gets people sad/mad YOU will have to solve it.
  3. If you confront us in any way as in tell us what to do, we will give you a warning. Continue to do so, you will get kicked.
  4. We do accept any age kids as long as you are nice to us, we are nice to you.
  5. Make sure you have a mic so we can talk to each other.
  6. You can question anything as long as its appropriate
  7. If you try to do something suspicious as in saying you're going to hack will be in automatic kick.
  8. Do not threat anyone and make friends with everyone.
  9. Do not lie. Lying is the one thing I really hate.
  10. Last rule is just to have fun in general while playing GTA.


The platform we are on is PS3.


If you need to contact any of the leaders, please add mysterykiller_69, mysterykid_123, or OAK_RAIDERS_1.

The link to the crew is http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/black_mexican_army


If you need to know when we're on, our time zone is Pacific Time Zone (UTC-08:00) We are from California.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and I will be editing this because I know I have more to add.

Edited by Mysterykid
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