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Space Docker


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I wish Rockstar added the Space Docker to the special vehicles list.

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Okay good, next google "XB36Hazard Save Editor", works for both systems. After you pop the USB in your computer and the latest version of that save editor is loaded, you will see a vehicle tab. There you will see a pop-down menu for the list of garages and helipads/hangars for all three characters. Once you select one of those, there will be another tab that will show you which vehicles are in the garage/hangar/helipad. There will be another tab you can select and in the drop down menu will be the entire list of vehicles in the game along with their pictures. Search for "Dune Buggy", there will be a few versions of it, just find the Space Docker, and after you select it, save right away. It is recommended you save after every edit you do in there, no matter how small. Once you're done, just load the game back into your console and you're all set.

You can even get the Cargo Plane this way :)

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Can anyone help me get the space docker in gta online?
On Xbox please...

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Not a huge loss, this vehicle is absolutely useless. I wish it has a special feature !

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