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Do you thing that Genetic Screening is wrong?


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Do you think that genetic screening is wrong, or do you think that it I the right thing to do when someone who has a genetic predisposition wants to have a child?


Personally I agree with the practice I have some genetic conditions that I would hate of my child to have to deal with I don't want to see anyone suffer like I do with the issues.


What are your thoughts and Why do you think it is right or wrong?

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I'm not sure how to feel about it to be honest.

Part of me says, it should be an entirely natural process to deal with sh*t like that, But the other says we can remove the bad sh*t, and effectively create the "Master" Race.


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lil weasel

The idea of breeding a ober-race is interesting if all but impossible.

And, of course the Religious claim a god needs to punish the sinners with frailty and seaside.

Insurance companies could reduce rates to 'normal' people and by increasing rates or excluding those prone to problems, just as they do with vehicle insurance.

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