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New Social Club and GTA feature: Graffiti creator


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Hello Dear Rockstar.

In the beginning I would like to thank you for what you have achieved so far and in what direction follows your vision, for the amount of work and big respect for the players.
Geand Theft Auto V is in my opinion an utopia of the computer games, not only because of its multi-dimensional structures and mechanics, but also by some kind of pattern that gives everything cohesion and expression.
If not for your encouragement requests for help players probably constantly keep my thoughts and dreams for myself, ironically, striving for the same things as you.
I would like to share with you an idea that would bring to the game a new level of gameplay - creating your own graffiti.
The idea has worming in my head already for a dozen or so days, which has grown enough in itself I wanted to offer it to You now.

1 Tool.
Let's start WITH the tool. The most suitable for work would be transparent background (a canvas / or a sheet) and brush with a choice of line thickness and color. and it is actually it + option to clear canvas, return to last save, obvious save and a few undos.
To illustrate what can be obtained with such technology, please look here:

Keep in mind that this is just a good example, but not spectacular one.
The program that allows you to do this work is Graffiti Studio 2.0. Its ofcourse free, what contributed to the huge popularity of digital graffiti in the period 2006-2009.
Creating similar sotftware is not shouldn't be expensive (comparing to the UN, TBoGT or TLaD dlcs), and You can make it available for PC and tablets in the form of dlc for about $ 10 or even less (the cheapper it is, the more will it buy) or just for free if You like, thats obviously your decision.
Canvases could be combined to implement larger work or do it jointly with someone. It would be the total of 10, which would give the possibility to create huge size of the graffiti.
Standard design on a piece equates to 9 x 15 ft size in the game. The program would recognize how many sheets are used by the user to the project, and the same, when the file is sent to a friend, would be used by the other person, plus a possible added new, so the biggest project is still only consisted of 10 arbitrarily arranged, adjacent sheets.

2 Social Club.
Ok , when we already have finished project, it is need to be exported to the Social Club, to your own gallery. Due to the limited amount of server's resources, exported works should be limited to 10
Each member of the SC could watch any work , if it would be published and publicized (choice would be to filter "everyone" "noone" "just friends" "only crew" or "friends and crew").
Member of Sc could also comment on the work and assess negatively or positively.
Painting graffiti in the session is removably and disappears when the session is leaved by the last person, that is why the most popular work could be evaluated by Rockstar and implemented permanently in the game as part of patches with additional content or improvements.
This would give prestige to players whose id could to appear after pressing towards the "right" direction on d-pad, as well as a brief description in order to rectify the intricate writning.

3 Gameplay.
We come finally to the in-game mechanics. The Option of selecting the graffiti would be available in the menu after you press the select button. There game connects with Social Club showing available, exported thumb. Selecting one will display in front of the player rectangle symbolizes quantity of work, which is needs to be applied at a fairly flat surfaces. When you execute this step you can start painting.
The player must consider the size of project and deployments so that he can reach the top edge. If not, he will have to use something high, eg car or window cleaning elevator, if he wants to do this on a sky scapper.
When making graffiti in public this act would be treated as a crime and imposes player 2 stars or more if its sky scrapper, hence the performance of the work requires the support of a cover fire becouse of incoming helicopters, or repeling SWAT team members .
The painting itself would be of course some sort of minigame which consists of obtaining the best possible precision and speed.

What does game gain thanks to this? In my opinion whis wouldbe another dominant, next to shooting and driving feature. Stimulating to explore, but also allows to show off to the whole community, eg. by painting graffiti in Fort Zancudo on a tank.
Of course, its not all about graffiti, but street art as well. In addition, it may create some kind of vivid relationships between SC crews in San Andreas. something, what you do not have influence (e.g beefs). There are many people that are used to love graffiti (and GS 2.0) and probably will not refuse the proposals to put their nickname in such a brilliant production.
Notice that although that there are many graffities in your Grand Theft Auto, most of them are a bit ugly becouse of their low resolution. You can give players a chance to do it for you, for sure will be glad for such a possibility .
It is very possible that these projects will be useful to you while producing the next - gen games.

This all. I'm sorry so much of the text and probably too many lingual bloopers, I tired to be accurately in describing this idea, yet I still have an impression to forgetting about something.
I hope that you will continue to create such a brilliant franchise!

Best Regards.

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You should email it to Rockstar at:


[email protected]


Rockstar don't use these forums for feedback or anything at all, they use their main site. This is a fansite run by fans of the series not Rockstar Games themselves.

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His advice ^


This is just a fan forum. Sorry.


Also! Feel free to share your idea in our pinned thread for DLC ideas!


Link http://gtaforums.com/topic/681719-patch-upgrade-dlc-wishlist/


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