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Works by SpiderMan3339

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Hello all.

In this Topic I will be show my work. I think you will be happy. Sorry for my English, because I am from Poland. I am almost perfect model converter and weak modeler.

DefinitionConversion, Convert: Changing from one form of computer data into another form, change the file format to one that can be read by a computer program other than the one in which it was created.

Converts to these games:
Grand Theft Auto: [iV].[san Andreas].[Vice City].[iII].
Euro Truck Simulator. GermanTruck Simulator.
18 Wheels of Steel: [Across America].[Pedal to the Metal] .
[Convoy].[Haulin].[American long Haul].

First photos of my work:

Edited by Spiderman3339

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Nice work! You should show your converts to SA, VC, and III also. What games do you convert from. Do you have certain games that you convert from or just any games?

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I managed to do the first time conversions from platformer Play Station 2 Liberty City Stories:












GTA VC BANSHEE texture the style of San Andreas:







Edited by Spiderman3339

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[4.5.4] Models that require permission from a corporate entity, like EA Games, are NOT allowed for conversions (with the R* exception listed above). Failure to meet the above criteria will result in, at minimum, a locked topic and verbal warning.

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