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Contact services shortcuts / favorite option


Contact services shortcuts / favorite option  

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  1. 1. Would you like to be able to assign a custom phone number/digit to a contact's service?

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Hey guys,


wouldn't it be nice to be able to assign a service offered from a contact to a custom number/favorite that we'd have to dial on our phone?


For example, if you'd want to call Lester for invisibility on the radar you would simply have to press X / Square on your phone then dial the number you assigned. It could be made of 1 digit only for faster access.


That would save so much time when you're in need of a service in a fight.



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32 views, 4 votes. It may save a small amount of time, but you still then have to choose what option you want when the person you call picks up. i dont see this being any use at all in my opinion. certainly not top of my wish list

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im talking about setting up a specific service as the shortcut, so you wouldn't have to scroll through the other services from the same contact.

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