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Easter eggs and Mythical Iteams/Creatures in Gta 5


Creepy Places  

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  1. 1. Where would be a good location for futer in-depth investigation?

    • The Prison
    • The Deep Seas
    • N.o.o.s.e
    • Subways/ Train stations
    • Junkyards/Scrapyards

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This is a thread meant for the average gta 5 player, I am a investigator of all things abnormal or supernatural. I made this thread to extend a hand to anyone who has a theory about the strange and unexplained elements of gta. The "Main" myths of gta like Aliens, The infinite killer, ratman, Lockness monster, and bigfoot have already been highly publisised and investigated, this is a form about less know phnominon that occur in the average gta 5 lifestyle.

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