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GTA Crew Battles

Recommended Posts


GTA Crew Battles

Website with Scoreboard to record match results and show of your talent!


newly started social club, old one use to be MC-CREW-BATTLES we are no longer limited to MC's just need to transfer everyone to the new crew.




Platform: PS3 Only

Contact Info: 420winnipeg204 (social club), Peg-City-204 (PSN)


GTA Crew Battles is an event that has been created so that all gta crews can come together and participate in crew vs crew battles together whether it be team deathmatches, racing, capture, last team standing, melee fights, gta team missions, golf, etc....

matches get recorded on a scoreboard to show off skilled your crew is..... or isnt.

We also have a district domination game or turf wars if you want to call it that where once you have completed a minimum of 5 matches you can claim a district which you will have to defend while you also challenge other crews for control of their turf.

All ps3 free aim crews are welcome to participate in this event as long as they have enough active people to battle.

Respect your opponent, if your crew becomes a problem on these forums, you will be banned. We, hopefully, are like minded gamers who are just looking for a little extra competition.

To all members, recruits, and non-members alike. This is an events page. Drama will not be tolerated.

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Looks good. It definitely would be nice to see everything under one site.

Golf tournement would definitely be cool.

Alot of possibilities here.

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