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FX's Louie


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So does anyone here watch Louie?


If you haven't seen it I highly recommend you watch as its one of the most funny, quirky, heartwarming shows on TV. If you liked Breaking Bad then you'll like Louie as its highly unpredictable each episode stands alone most of the time and sometimes the same actors will play multiple roles from week to week! Its great!


Its coming back for its 4th season tomorrow and incidentally the episode is called "Back."



First few upcoming episodes:


Episode 1 "Back"

Episode 2 "Model"

Episode 3 "So Did the Fat Lady"

Join me guys (and girls) to discuss our love of Louie.







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Brown Sugar

I think there was already a topic about this a while back but it's probably long lost by now.


Louie is unlike anything on TV at the moment which is one of the reasons I like it so much, that and the fact that Louis Ck is an amazing comedian in general. I like the fact he's doing 2 episodes a week, the first 3 seasons were f*cking brilliant and hopefully the fact that he took a break before writing the fourth means the new episodes will be just as good, if not, better. I assume it will be on fx uk in Britain, does anyone know if it has the same air dates as the US or if it will come on here later.

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I really like this show. I've watched all the episodes that are on Netflix. How bought the episode when his friend tricked him into a blind date and at the end of the date the bi*ch ended up punching him and knocking out his window. I would go into more detail but moderator's might not like it. I'll just leave it at that. LOL

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The best opening to the series. It was hilarious the dustbin men making a racket in the street and then bursting through his window to illustrate the point that the trash people of NYC might as well be in your bedroom when they are removing garbage.


Louie meets a super who then tells him a joke about pinocchio eating pussy. I dont know but it was hilarious cos the guy had got it wrong its small scenes like these where Louie simply lives life normally trying to make sense of people around him. Who else feels Louie is hard done by? he is right in this situation but is still treated like crap - the guy calls him ans ugly cocksucker as soon as he's out of earshot.


The background is just as interesting as the foreground with Louie. After that dining scene where Louie shoves off a typical self-absorbed-20-something whose head is permanently buried in his phone. I went and rewatched the whole episode to see what else could be going on when you're not looking. The first time you see it you don't notice it as the conversation with Louie and Todd Barry is the focus. Louis CK deliberately has things go on in the back that you're meant to see. Its subtle but not enough that it goes undetected by your subconscious.


The girls are always great to see they are adorable and without them dare I say the show wouldn't be the same.


Anyone else think the poker table scene is excessive almost too contrived like it always has to be about sex, masturbation, AIDS dildo and horse sex with diarrhea.


So Louie gets his back fixed after seeing the Doctor and thats the end of the episode.



Model was the best episode.


Why does Louis put himself in such embarrassing situations? Asking out every woman he comes into contact with. At least I don't feel so alone in being the only one who seems to do that.


The moment Yvonne Strahovski showed up it was just awesome. She brought mystery, joy, spontaneity, a beaming smile to every scene she was in. I was glad that a girl like her who was privileged and beautiful wasn't snooty like the rest of the elite in her world. She was attracted to a 'fat slob' and found him hilarious surely thats every mans kind of woman. People kept saying that this sequence was a dream which I don't think it was and hope it wasn't. It was great to see that in Louies world a model would find Louie attractive.


Louie was a gentleman to her giving her 'his' jacket despite her trying to make out with him. Neat touch.


The french music was cool.


Great episode.





Cant wait for next week.

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Haven't checked this one out yet but I watched his series when he was on HBO, had some pretty funny moments. I might check into this.. I haven't even caught up on my other shows yet though.

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The only depressing thing about Louie is that there isn't enough of it... Except that Season 5 is out now on Netflix!

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Mister Pink

Finally getting around to this even though I've been a big fan of Louis for some time.

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