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Looks an awesome Arnie flick back to his action roots anyone else looking forward to this?

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Just watched this acouple hours ago and I f*cking loved it. Another Ayer classic in my books.. I haven't bought a film in ages but I think I'm going to have to go and purchase this one to add to my collection.


The story seemed a bit easy to latch on but I enjoyed this from the beginning to the end. Loved the ending. Arnie came out a badass as usual and not just that but Arnold played a role of someone with a dark past.. and he nailed it pretty good for action star. Gives you an inside perspective of some of the sh*t undercover agents really go through in the fight against Cartels and what not. I'm glad Arnie didn't retire from acting.. because to me, since he's left office (Gov of Cali for those that didn't know), he's making some decent films, not as big as his earlier days but he's still got it.

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