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Los Santo's Horndog's (LSHD) recruiting REAL Racers


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Hi guys,


My crew has been around since day one, we have built ourselves up to 150 members, we are a closed group so not just anyone can join.

We play a bit of everything, we are not strict on colours or logo's or anything really, our colour crew was always purple but has recently changed to Lime Green as to allow for spotting of crew members easily in sessions.

BUT, over the months we have had an influx of racers join, i myself am a massive racer and started slowly recruiting guys as i came across them, we have some good racers and serious ones but we all have fun, the only rule we have unless otherwise discussed is we try our utmost to race clean, no ramming and dirty racing on purpose.

a lot of our members have made their own created races, i myself have made 63 if i am not mistaken and not just stupid pointless races, good ones, fun ones, the votes on my races are good, im hitting over 100 likes to maybe 9 or 10 dislikes, i have 15 playlists that me and the crew play in every single day. I have raced almost 3000 races personally with 1950 wins and 950 losses and changing constantly.

If you love racing and wanna race more please send me a message or request to join on Social Club.







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