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Can't connect to GTA Online!


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So I have had GTAV since the game released and I have played constantly since then and never really had any issues.


However I decided to buy GTA V for my brother this passed week. We have been fighting to try and get him online since Thursday.


He had a strict NAT, so we fixed that. He has tried it plugged straight into the wall jack for his internet service even.


I Recovered his gamertag at my house and I could play fine. Got him started, got him to level 4, he recovered it and still nothing for him.


Pops up "rockstar cloud servers unavailable right now" or if he does get in it tells him saving is disabled.


We are at a loss of what else there is to do here.

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I did search and read all the other topics I could find. None of them related to the same issue I am having. I've been around forums for a while now, I know to search before I post.

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If you have searched and read the other threads then you will have seen me replying to and informing others about my own freezing issues etc.


Go read them, maybe there's some help there.

Some useful suggestions but none worked for me.


This is in my eyes, rockstars fault. The sooner they address their crappy programming or servers and admit it, the better.

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