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Your Top 5 & Bottom 5 vehicles


Recommended Posts


(I know this section is pretty inactive, but I'm doing this anyway)


What are your TOP 5 and BOTTOM 5 vehicles overall?




(The Towtruck is missing from the list because I couldn't find it)





1. Tank - for obvious reasons!

2. Rumbler - my favourite super sexy sports car.

3. Z-Type - the best gang car imo, and the best gang!

4. Stinger - love it!

5. A-Type - pretty rare, but kinda cool




(In reverse order)


5. Schmidt - absolutely hate this fugly thing. Everything about it.

4. Hot Dog Van - just boring.

3. G4 Bank Van - too slow and heavy.

2. Ice-Cream Van - boring

1. Box Truck.

Edited by W2B
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1. Miara - Best gang car and best gang.

2. Wellard - Classic.

3. GT-A1 - Gotta love it's speed.

4. Bulwark - One of the most durable ones.

5. Shark - Great handling and acceleration.


Least liked:

5. Romero - Boring.

4. Minx - Not really interesting.
3. Schmidt - Simply crap.

2. Pickup - I hate those Redneck freaks and their cars.

1. Panto - The ultimate sh*t. Takes less damage, has the worst acceleration and top speed for a vehicle of it's class. The III beta one was way better.

Edited by Jeansowaty
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Top 5:

1. Furore GT

2. B-Type

3. Wellard

4. Rumbler

5. Cop car :p


Bottom 5:

5. U-jerk truck

4. Bulwark

3. Van

2. Karma bus

1. Schmidt

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  • 6 months later...

Wow, I'm surprised at how people hate the Schmidt. If I remember well, it was very frail and couldn't take much damage, but apart from that...

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It is butt-ugly, way too slow and the handling is crap. Cornering wasn't its forte. One of the worst cars in the entire series if you ask me.

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It is butt-ugly, way too slow and the handling is crap. Cornering wasn't its forte. One of the worst cars in the entire series if you ask me.

Still better than the Panto, lol.

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I´m more surprised that the Garbage Truck didn´t appear yet, it´s about as slow as the Panto but has standard durability.


My Top 5 would be:

  1. Cop Car - Fastest car in two areas and has good handling.
  2. Wellard - My favourite car actually, but only appears in downtown. It handles very smooth at fast speed, it´s the car with best control at top speed of all.
  3. Shark - A quick vehicle with decent speed, but it´s strength is it´s turn ratio at slow speed on sharp corners. You can quickly manouver across rooftops and other narrow areas where you would struggle with other cars.
  4. Hachura - Like the Cop Car, has a bit better handling but is slightly slower. Unfortunately appears only in Residential.
  5. Furore GT - Damn fast car which can quickly change directions. What makes it so good is with the use of handbrake you have good control in manouvering at every speed although it has some problems to align in a straight line.

Bottom 5:

  1. Gargabe Truck - Worst car, is as slow as the Panto but has standard durability.
  2. Panto - Is as bad as the Garbage Truck. It is as slow and can sustain the least damage, but because it is so small makes it a tighny bit more useful if you are chased by cops or attacked.
  3. Box Truck - Although it can survive one rocket hit, it is very slow and has also a very bad handling. One mistake and you are busted.
  4. Schmidt - Can sustain same damage as Panto, which is not that much, but is at least a bit faster.
  5. U-Jerk Truck - Was not sure to choose this or the G4 Bank Van since it is faster but it is still slow and has awful handling. And besides that there is just nothing special or interesting about it.
Edited by Molotok
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  • 4 weeks later...

TOP 5:

1. A-Type - because of its rarity, looks and performance.

2. Meteor - fast! (Too bad GT-A1 is not available in single player.)

3. Furore GT - very cool looking, fast, good handling too.

4. Eddy - decent performance and very durable - a great all round car.

5. Hachura - fast, nimble and good-looking just like Furore GT. edit

JOKER: The Tank, for very obvious reasons :cool:



5. Garbage Truck - as the name says.

4. U-Jerk Truck AND Pickup - slow and boring.

3. Van - slow, bulky, boring, fragile. For transporting many people there are better cars available but still in some missions you must use this junk.

2. Panto - slowest piece of garbage.

1. Romero - it looks OK but when you get in the truth is revealed. It's slow and so common it fills the Downtown streets instead of better cars.

JOKER: COP Car - somehow the cops always drive it faster than you. It also doesn't look good and has annoying sirens.

Edited by BBBean
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  • 6 months later...

Top 5 (not ranked)

1. Michelli Roadster + Wellard (Downtown)

2. Furore GT + Hachura (Residential)

3. Jefferson + Stinger (Industrial)

4. Cop Car

5. Meteor


Bottom 5

1. Romero

2. Panto

3. Minx

4. Garbage Truck

5. U-Jerk Truck


Other great vehicles: GT-A1, Z-Type, Rumbler, Benson

Other useless vehicles: Tow Truck (I guess everyone forgot this piece of sh*t), Van, Ice Cream Van, Hot Dog Van

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'll change my mind a little bit and write my favorite vehicles on each area, and a reason why.



Michelli Roadster - Great speed, handling and looks. Pretty common too, so you don't have to search for it.

Wellard - Same as the Michelli Roadster. Very useful in almost every situation.

Beamer - If I don't find any nice car, I'll pick this one. I like it more than the Aniston.



Hachura - Probaly my favorite car of them all. Such a nice handling and speed, great look, can be found almost everywhere (both parked and in traffic). It really is the picture of the residential disctrict along with Furore GT.

Furore GT - Awesome look, superfast and can be found at almost any parking. The handling is sometimes too weird but combined with handbraking it can take corners good.

Meteor - It is probaly the best vehicle in the whole game, even better than GT-A1. The handling is like the Hachura, but with much more speed. Cool looking too.



Jefferson - super cool looks, great handling and speed. I love it.

Stinger - almost the same as the Jefferson, but the handling is probaly better - although I prefer the Jefferson's handling (sharper turning). Awesome looks of this car.

Rumbler - INSANE breaking, just drive at top speed and brake with the "back" key - it stops in less than one second. I like the black one at the parking lot in the beginning, I always take it to a mission when I start.


Vehicles that appear on every or 2 maps

Shark - I hate the car sound, but it actually is really good.

B-Type - not as good as the Shark, but I take it if I don't find anything better.

Z-Type - great speed but a bit too hard with the handling sometimes.

Cop Car - most useful vehicle if you just don't think about the cops. Really fast and great handling.

Eddy - the handling is superb, along with the durability it's really useful sometimes. Also the Special Agent Car if you get one carefully.

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  • 2 years later...

Even though the post is 4 years old and the last reply is almost 3, I will still add my Own list:


TOP 5:

1. Wellard (Too bad it's only available in Downtown)

2. Rumbler (One of the fastest and best cars in the Industrial District)

3. B-Type (It's a fast and common car on the streets of Downtown and other Districts)

4. Bulwark (It's durability is perfect for certain missions)

5. Furore GT (I don't think I need to say anything else about this baby)



5. Dementia (It's a very tiny cute car, but also useless and slow)

4. Bug (Same thing as the Dementia, good thing it doesn't spawn very often)

3. U-Jerk Truck (Has no purpose, ugly design and it's too slow to do anything)

2. Garbage Truck (The name says it all)

1. Panto (Worst car ever. R* wasted time by making this thing)


Useful Cars:

1. Tank (Come on, we all created mayhem in the city with a tank at some point)

2. Truck Cab (You need one to tow certain cars that are on top of a platform)

3. TV Van (It's good for beginners, as the antenna on top points to the Church, aka Save Spot)

4. Bus (I liked to fill it with lots of people than blow it)

5. Box Truck (I use it to block narrow streets)


What do you think about the list I compiled?


Edited by GReeNisG
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  • 2 weeks later...

Maybe it's time for new lists. 😛


TOP 5 - the absolute favorites

1. A-Type --- fast, cool looking and very rare. There's something magical about this car. 😛

2. SRS Meteor --- super fast! Looks cool too.

3. Furore GT --- very fast and good handling, one of the best-looking cars

4. Hachura --- fast and looks cool

5. Tank --- for very obvious reasons 😎


BOTTOM 5 - the bad ones

5. U-Jerk Truck --- not that bad, just slow and useless

4. Garbage truck --- as the name says

3. Romero --- slow and too common, fills the streets

2. Panto --- slow piece of garbage

1. Van --- slow, bulky, fragile, looks boring, very annoying to use for jobs


Useful 5 - for missions and stuff

1. Stretch Limousine --- it's durable, pretty fast and can carry many people

2. Sports Limousine --- same, but for Industrial district

3. Eddy --- durable and fast

4. B-Type --- very fast, appears on all districts

5. G4 Bank Van --- pretty slow but carries many people and may be useful when other tough cars aren't available (Downtown...)

Honorable mentions

* Rumbler --- looks very cool and goes very fast

* Shark --- fast and common on two districts

* Medicar --- when you get WASTED this is often the fastest way to return to the streets 😛

* TV Van --- for finding the save point

* Garbage truck... the Krishna armored one 😛

Edited by BBBean
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  • 1 month later...
  • 4 months later...
just do it bob1

My Top Five Cars

Z-Type (best gang obviously, and the best-looking car overall)
Cop Car (fastest car in the game, maybe a bit too fast?)
Tank (for obvious reasons)
Stinger (I like the look of it)
Jefferson (looks like the GTA 5 Z-Type)
My Top Five Worst Cars
Box Truck
MediCar (I just hate the look of it)
Garbage Truck
Hotdog Van
Ice-cream Van
Edited by just do it bob1
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  • 1 month later...
Ballas King

My first gta, havent played in over 15 years, but from what I remember I loved:


1. Tank (so destructive, just loved it crushing peds and vehicles was so much fun at that time, the thin g I enjoyed most in the game than  anything was roaming and causing cahose with it)

2. Fire Truck (felt really cool then, never a fan of it in later games)

3. Wellard (just amazing speed, and cool look despite top down view sadly they never remade it in future games)

4. Karma Bus (the Hare Krishna gang is my fav gang from the game, so close to my culture.... Sunbeam was my fav boss and the vehicle was cool for its big size, nice yellow design,kinda fun crushing ppl throughout industrial area with it)

5. Hot Dog Van (I ❤️ Hot dogs and its unique, they never replicated it again until SA, not good handling from what i remember but great design, one of the very few things i remember is that delicious huge hot dog on top of it, umm the mustard)....

Edited by wfank
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  • 4 months later...

In general, this is how I'd rank the vehicles more or less (highly subjective and non-scientific):


Top - Simply put: perfect cars. Besides armour, none of these vehicles have any flaws. They're all efficient, move easily, smoothly and swiftly. They're useful for almost any job.

Cop Car

Michelli Roadster









Lower Top - The difficult handling or poor acceleration (T-Rex) put these vehicles inbetween top and high, thus lower top.


Furore GT





Special Agent Car


High - Could be placed in "top" too but I think all these vehicles have some kind of flaw. Most vehicles here suffer from either lack of speed / acceleration or have a trickier handling.





Armed Land Roamer



Good - Decent cars. The limousines are useful in many missions. Big Bug is not that bad.

Aniston BD4


Land Roamer

Jagular XK


Sports Limousine

Stretch Limousine

Big Bug





Low - Bad vehicles but still not terrible. Most vehicles that are slow with higher armour are listed here. Some smaller vehicles such as Bug and Dementia are here too since they aren't completely awful.

Taxi Xpress

Dementia Limousine

Box Truck

G4 Bank Van



Swat Van




Truck Cab

Truck Cab SX

Fire Truck


Pickup / Redneck Pickup

Karma Bus


Bottom - In my opinion, all these vehicles are worthless. I never use any of them if I don't have to. Slow as hell, poor armour and none of them have no space for carrying people. I never use any of these vehicles, I rather walk to find another car. That's how poorly they perform.


Ice-Cream Van

Garbage Truck


Hot Dog Van

U-Jerk Truck






(Tow Truck)


Special - doesn't fit in any column (would be either top or high)


Edited by Cerium
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The Pacifier is actually a really fun vehicle to drive around and crush hapless soldiers in :D 

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Eddy could be the most underrated vehicle in the whole game. I seldom see anyone using it at gameplay videos on Youtube but that car is hella useful. Fast, solid and easy to handle.


EDIT: T-Rex too.

Edited by Cerium
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