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Cannot replace the player model


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Hello there. I want to change Tommy Vercetti's model with new one, but the ingame player model is the same. I've tried a lot of instructions, but there is no result. So my actions are:

1. Uncheck the checkbox "read-only" for gta3.img and gta3.dir

2. Open gta3.img with img tool 2.0

3. Find and delete player.txd and player.dff

4. Add new player.txd and player.dff

5. Rename / delete player.bmp from models/generic.

No result. At all. I've also tried to "Rebuild the archive" menu item (nothing changes). Tommy model still the standart. I've downloaded the Niko Bellic model and texture, and a few more just for testing. Doesn't work.


I think it can be helpful information, that Tommy model works if player.txd and player.dff are deleted from gta3.img

Screenshot of standart Tommy model:


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1.Go to C:\User\Your Name\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\


2. Look for the Rockstar Games folder and delete it.


3. Re-install the mod.


4. Start the game


Let me know if it helped you.

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