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Ware House Idea v2.0


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We'll since rockstar has actually started to make GTA:O seem reasonable in future and even past rockstar titles, I thought I might take a look at one of my (possibly very real) idea that could bring a lot of "20 cArS rNt enuf yolo swag chrome adder is da bes" haters, to (doubtfully) stop.


A few months back I thought of a new idea that seemed impossible then but now could be a very real Property type in GTA:O - Ware House's.


The idea is such a simple one yet could please so many. Think about it, you could store up to 25 cars, weapon racks, and rooms of cash, plus some new features, I'll explain below.



You can now store any vehicle (exept hot vehicles)

Pushing the gas doesn't make you appear outs side, instead, you can drive to the exit, or just drive around in your warehouse, thisis can be used to rearrange vehicles

Trailers can now be stored, bought and loaded.

Modifications to cars you have previously bought can be re-installed from the warehouse

You can now use the Krapea site to purchase things for any of your properties, such as whiskey/wine glasses and exercise bikes/weights

You can now keep weapons on a rack/safe do you don't have a billion pistols to scroll through.

Can hire people such as cleaners and mechanics to unlock features such as: customization of owned mods, cleaning up bottles/Ps and Qs from you and others, they can also be seen as npcs inside your property.

Can leave money in a safe, so you don't have to pay medical bills

Can be set to Crew Hq (if you are leader) this allows you to let people spawn here, crew members don't have to buzz in, you can put emblem on walls, etc


We'll that's basically it for this, what would you suggest to this and maybe add or take out? (Btw for those that don't see my previous topic on this, I took out heists on these buildings, hiring merry weather guards, etc)

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GTA Forums User99521

That would be awesome.The only thing is a lot of people would put their money in the safe then go around blowing up peoples pvs.The rest is brilliant though.

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OP lock request.

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