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Rampages & Weapons question (PS2)

Arsen Vitiuk

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Arsen Vitiuk

Up to this day I thought I knew the game. But now I find it may be only applied to the PC version of the game. I have never really got into playing GTA VC on PS2, unlike other III era games, never even completed it 100% on that console. But now I got some GTA Nostalgia, again, so I decided to score a 100% Completion for PS2's VC.


To make long story short, I found out that after I accept a Rampage and am assigned with a respective task, I will have my weapon from the respective slot taken away, no matter whether the Rampage was a success or a failure. (i.e. If the Rampage weapon is a Shotgun, I will have any weapon from the Shotgun slot removed after the Rampage ends).


The question is: it this my game only? Or do other PS2 players encounter the same issue? Because it made me freak out on the fact that my game disc might be corrupted.


P.S. While you're at it, is there something else in the PS2 version of this game that I have to be aware of?

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Sussus Amongus

Going to check right now on my PS2. Dont remember it happening to me but i guess i can try...


Edit: Might be just the game you have because i started a new game went to the parking lot roof. Got a normal shotgun headed for the Spaz 12 rampage on the beach and after beating it i still had my orginal shottie with the same amount of bullets.

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I have literally forgotten more about vice city than most people know ;) this sounds extremely familiar to me and may have occurred on the original ps2 version (at least with certain weapon classes)... I do have the original ps2 version of vice city.


A work around you can try is to go through the metal detector (at golf course or airport) so your weapons are dropped.... Then go do the rampage and then come back after and pick up your weapons.... No promises... A good idea to save ahead of time before trying.


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