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LS Chapter MC: Recruiting New Members


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The Los Santos Motorcycle Club is currently taking in new members. We are a small group for the moment, and will not take on more than 30 members at any given time, as I like to know a bit about my "biker family".


I am Dorian Black, president and founder of the LSMC. I run the club like a family. We take care of each other. You got issues (in-game), you let your brothers know, and we will all come running. We will also run missions, races, activities, etc. with you.

We like to get rough, and F*CK SH*T UP!


If you are interested in joining, you can click on the link provided (at bottom), or contact me directly. Once in contact, we will arrange a time and day to meet face-to-face. A motorcycle is *REQUIRED* (LCC Hexer, Western Bagger or Western Daemon *preferred*) for this meeting. Once in person, initiation will commence. If you pass initiation, welcome to the club!


If you can't tell, I take my role as president and founder seriously. I do not allow just anybody into my club.

What sets my club apart from the others?

1) A 30 member limit will ensure that everyone has an opportunity to bring back-up to an open session, making the game a better experience for all parties involved.

2) Initiation will weed out the weak and stupid, or otherwise less serious "trolls" of this generation.

3) I treat my crew as a chosen gaming family. You will never be without a friend to kick some ass with.


Crew/Gang Name: LS Chapter MC

About: Read above

Leader Contact: ShadowedDemise (Xbox 360 Gamertag, R* Social Club Username, GTAForums Username)
Platform(s): Xbox 360 ONLY
Games: GTA Online
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time
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Recruitment Letter of Recommendation

Hello, My name is XxMavrickxX76 from Xbox. You already know me by this and offered me to be in the military clan. Let me tell you my experiences and stories. I have obtained a set of skills trough various games such as Max Payne 3, and Red Dead redemption. I was in 3 clans before that i was in before they started dying down due to lack of players. I also belong to another console (ps3) and i have obtained my GTA V skills with me.

here are the set of skills i have obtained from numerous of training and battles



- Can join any hardcore session with free aim (no aimlock required or anything of the sort)

-Hardcore player and can get the job done at any given task

- Understands and can cooperate with other players cordially

- Great at strategic battling


I have more of these skills but i just wanted to share the best ones i have and i hope our interview goes great!

Thank you.

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