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Top 20 hip hop songs needed in V.

The lords trappings

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The lords trappings

Notice* these are going to be based on my knowledge of hip hop music, and this music will be determined somewhat off west coast theme although it can get old. I'm also a producer so this list isnt based off what I consider the best production or lyrics ever, just strictly on what I think would fit in the game. Please keep the "#1 should have been this" comments to yourself, these arent in any particular order, and I encourage to leave a comment below of a hip hop song you would like to see in the future.


Number 1- The type- Currensy. This is an obvious artist to go to when you think of west coast rap, it features prodigy for some east coast flavor and they mix smoking, jet life, and "bustin gats" perfectly. Perfect song for getting hyped or laying back driving.


Number 2- Lupe fiasco - Out of my head. Not much to say just a very upbeat song that would feel great to view los santos jamming. The synth and electronic beat goes well with lupe's sound.


Number 3 - Marco polo - Astonishing - "Astonishing, powerflip the mic and start bombing sh*t" right out of the gate reminds you of a young nas off the illmatic album over adrenaline packed production, with all the scratches of a premier joint. Off his new joint PA:2 third place I give you Marco Polo.


Number 4 - Rick Ross & Meek Mill - Perfectionist. Did you just sell a brick for some change, ball out like officer ricky and milli while you bang this alc production, reminding you how great life can be commiting crimes.


Number 5 - Yelawolf - In this club. There's a reason eminem signed yela, and this song is a classic within a classic "Trunk Muzik 0-60" appeals to anyone that loves rap or smoking, and a catchy hook that would never get old.


Number 6 - Swizz beats & ASAP Rocky - Street knock. Swizz beats. ASAP Rocky. Araabmuzik. Nuff.


Number 7 - Timbaland - The way I are - Timbaland has as much rep as a producer as dre yet hasn't left his mark on a gta to date. This deserves a spot on this list.


Number 8 - Wiz khalifa - The race - Wiz is the golden child of hip hop, good beats, chill atmospheric production, perfect for beautiful los santos sunsets, something slower for more chill hip hop heads.


Number 9 - Madvillian - All Caps - This would be a good dose of underground that V could use. Unique beat by madlib, and a dedicated underground artist that thinks its halloween everyday of the year. Number 9 on this list I give you Madvillian.


Number 10 - Eminem - Role model - Old school eminem, you can't go wrong, sorry rap god fans but a 6 minute song doesnt work well on video games. Plus this has dre all over the boards, and is a necessary nostalgia.


Number 11 - Kanye West - Wouldn't get far - West was in the previous gta but didn't fit with the scenery of liberty city, wouldn't get far would be the anthem, the game representing West Coast.


Number 12 - Gangstarr - Deadly habitz. This beat sounds like an old sample of a underground L.A. jazz club, with lyrics practically portraying Los Santos as is "Deadly habitz" RIP GURU.


Number 13 - Gucci mane & Waka Flacka Flame - Ferrari boyz. The gucci song we have now sucks, and this would go perfect with your turismo, cheetah, or carbonizzaire.


Number 14 - Drake - Started from the bottom. This beat is so simple yet mesmerizing, and drake from Canada brings the hook in to exemplify the typical player who started with nothing, and now living the high life.


Number 15 - Biggie Smalls - Kick in the door. One of a kind, biggie had the raps, this had to make the list.


Number 16 - Schoolboy q - Collard Greens. The lead single off the album, and kendrick lamar on the track of q's new album "oxymoron" they bring the heat with this one.


Number 17 - Action Bronson & Riff raff - Bird on a wire - This was originally slated to be released on V but got cut for some reason, but the beat was well made by up and coming producer harry fraud "la musica de harry fraud" and goes well with actions descriptive dialect and Riff raffs jivy, alot of times monotonous lyrics.


Number 18 - Oh no & MF Doom - 3 dollars. Oh no is a resident of oxnard California who makes hard hitting hip hop songs with other like minded producers, and collaborated with Doom on this joint which samples a song from the album dolemite an alter ego created by comedian rudy ray moore, which has a very quick delivery, but conflicting message in dooms lyrics.


Number 19 - Scarface - Girl you know. Scarface is a legend, production is on point by nottz, and it keeps a good ebb n flow for this combination of rapper and producer.


Number 20 - Dilated peoples - You cant hide, you cant run. You dont see many hip hop groups in the west coast its almost like all collaborations but some way dilated has stuck together and currently working on a new album, this is an ode to them.


What do you think of my list? Leave a comment below and tell me 1 or 2 of your songs you want to be in gta 5 soon. Thanks.

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Skrillex and the Doors- Breakn' a sweat (Zedd remix) for Soulwax FM



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Wrong area - use this: http://gtaforums.com/forum/239-gta-v/

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