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[XBOX] Liberrachi Crime Family


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R* S O C I A L C L U B:



Ever since GTA Onine released, I have always wanted to start a Mafia Crime Family.

Now I bring to you the Liberrachi Crime Family.

I am looking for people who are mature and serious and are willing to go into battles with rival gangs or other crime families. We will have each others back no matter what the situation is whether one is in a different server and is in need. Treat each other as if we are all family because we are all the foundation of this crime house.

The main goal of this Crime Family is WEALTH. But Family will always come first and everything else second. We will all help each other prosper and reach our financial goals legally or illegally.





X B O X 3 6 0

Day-To-Day Operations:

As said, our main objective is to all be as WEALTHY as possible.

The way we succeed in doing that is by:

-Selling Stolen Vehicles

- Store Robberies

- Completing Hits (Bounties)

- Completing Missions

- Murdering Gang Members

- & More



Liberrachi Family Rank Tree:

[The Godfather/Don]

(The Crime Family Leader)



(The advisor or counselor to the Don)


[The Underboss]

(Second in command)


[Caporegime I] | [Caporegime II] | [Caporegime III]

(Made Men in the family or the crew leaders)


[Soldier I] [Soldier II] [Soldier III]

(Commanded by the Capo, earn ways to get money & to move up to Capo eventually)



(Non-members of the family but are affiliated through "business")

I understand that one day more than one person will reach the rank of The Godfather, those who do will have all the power. They must decide as a committee in all decisions including hits, robberies, business opportunities and so on.

If you are interested please DM/ADD/MSG: VSVPxSupreme

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You NEED to read the Recruitment Forum Guildlines and add a link to your Rockstar Social Club Crew to your first post. I suggest you copy the template that they have in the topic with the guidelines. Good Luck.

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I just sent you a request. hope i can be part of the family.


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I just sent you a request. hope i can be part of the family.


thank you, I will get to you when I get off work tonight.

I sent u a message I hope you'll read it!

awesome, I'll get to your message once I get off of work.

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Join the Liberrachi Family if you are a mature player that would like to have some FUN.

I am looking for skilled players but of course there is always room for improvements. I am also aiming at the older crowds, but if you are mature enough to hold a decent conversation please you are more than welcome.

Skills I am looking for are:

- Pilots (Helicopters)

- Drivers (Anyone can be good, but i need really good)

- Hitmen (When "hits" are appointed, we need them done with little or no casualty & fewer rounds)

- Shooters (1. Self-Defense, 2. Family Protection. 3. Protect the GodFather at all costs)

- Communication, Loyalty, Discipline (Communication is important in this family, Loyalty is what keeps us together, Discipline is what keeps all of us in line)

Let's have some fun shall we?

Rob some banks?

Go into war with Rival Gangs?

Most importantly, MAKE SOME F***ING MONEY!

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