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unable to use skin selector to play a mod


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I'm trying to play this mod or skin of batman


heres a link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/vi66ss48866512t/batman+tdk+v.2.rar


I used img tool to add the .dff and .txd files into the skin.img, but when I start the game and attempt to play this mod or skin of batman the game crashes, what is wrong with this, why is this happening can someone please help me ?


Did I install the 2 files wrong when I added them into the skin.img archives ?

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There is a way to get it working, but you need to replace a model.


1. rename the .dff file to sweet.dff and the .txd file to sweet.txd


2. Open gta3.img with img tool


3. replace sweet.dff and sweet.txd


4. download the player selector and install it (Link: http://www.gtainside.com/download.php?do=download&id=37463)


5. Start the game


6. Start the Player Selector (TAB+Q+Roll mouse down)


7. Select Sweet.


Let me know if it worked

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your plan worked, but how come it won't work on add on characters and then in special characters it does work ?

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