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Modded Foxy SA ped to GTAIV


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Hi all. Don't know how active people still are on here (hoping that someone like Frank.s sees this and can help), but I thought I'd post anyways.


I have a ped from GTA:SA I want to import to GTA IV. She is a Frankenstein model of the Female Duke Nukem mod (the one with the cut off shorts) and has Rochelle's (from L4d2) head and an afro from one of the peds, as well as a Jean jacket mesh from the "Sofia Girl" ped, and Claire Redfield's pants bottoms and necklace.


This is what she looks like in San Andreas

(note- the blunt she is holding is a mod, I'm not concerned with it showing up in GTA IV):















I have followed the two videos on YouTube, as well as the Rigging Player Model and "Easiest" Rigging tutorial, as well as a post by Frank.s here (http://gtaforums.com/topic/516227-how-to-convert-sa-model-to-iv/)- all to no avail. When I followed Frank.s ' method mentioned in that post I linked, created the odr for her, and tried to import her through Open IV, I get a crash when it's writing the odr to wdd (something about EAccessViolation: 0000018).


So, my questions are as follows:

  1. What's the best way to get her in GTAIV? I'd prefer her as a ped, but if it's easier to rig the player model, I'll do that.
  2. I read somewhere I need to have 3ds Max 2012. Is this true? I have 2010, but I can get 2012 if need be.
  3. Are there too many different textures going on that it won't translate in-game, or does GIMS take care of all that?
  4. If rigging her over ped, is it as simple as aligning the meshes and deleting skeletons, then rebuilding Hierarchy?
  5. Is the way I followed Frank.s' method in that post relevant to peds, or is that for buildings/cars only?

I've seen a few things on objects (such as hats and cars) imported from SA to IV, but I have not found anything concrete on importing a pedestrian from SA to IV. Also, I know the Female Duke is already modded as a ped in GTA IV... could I just scale my skin down and fuse it over the other?


Thanks in advance, and I really hope to hear back from someone with some knowledge (don't point me to the tutorial list, please, I've searched. Point me to an actual post where it says "SA Ped to IV", cos I have not seen that anywhere!) After spending two days looking through information on this, I finally figured I'd just post for help

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I went ahead and released her for San Andreas. I saw someone asking about a good black chick skin, and I got kinda hopeful mine might be what they were after. Here is a link to her SA model:



Hope whomever was looking for her likes her! Also, I will continue to try to get her in GTA4, and I'm leaning towards releasing her (if she comes out okay). If she isn't posted, she isn't in GTA4. If someone else does it before me- post her! No credit to me is required!

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Is she done for GTA4? Would be awesome, now's the time (y)

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Is there a tutorial to convert peds from SA to IV somewhere? I am very interested in it. So many hot chicks in SA. I'm really great though. lol

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