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Uploading a Crew emblem after Recent patches


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There was a reddit post detailing how to upload custom emblems after the patch, but I seemed to have missed this and R* have patched it yet again. I see some (locked) threads from 6-7 days about doing this with a hack, but I wasn't sure if this was the same as the reddit post. If someone does still know how to do this, could you please send me a PM, as I don't want the method to get out publicly for R* to patch again,





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Yes, this is GFX requests & Tutorials, not "how to hack Social Club Emblem Editor?".

Try seeking the Online section, there are some topics which cover this issue.


Just to let anybody know, I don´t know the hack, and I am not interested about it.

I only make SVGs that still can be loaded easily to the editor. If it still works.


Closing topic.


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