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[XBL] L0ST S0ULS Motorcycle Club


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The L0ST S0ULS MC is looking for quality allies and loyal brothers.



1.Show respect for higher ranks, and obey the orders they give.(unless it is extremely unreasonable, if it is, speak to the VP or President)

2.Don't declare war on another MC, this is only done if the vote is passed during church.

3.Do not kill members of other MCs without permission, or unless provoked.

4.If you attack our allies, besides in a friendly firefight, you will be punished.

5.If you dislike any of our allies, or members before joining, tell us up front.

6.Sport bikes cannot be ridden while wearing colours.

7.A brother's bike is not to be touched unless permission is given.

8.You cannot be in more than one MC at any time.

Ranking Up:

You will start off as a Prospect if a cabinet member knows and sponsors you.

If you are completely unknown to the club, you will start off as a Hangaround.

Becoming a Hangaround - Send a friend request to a Patch+ Member, get to know them and the club, and once you're known, you will become a hangaround.

Prospecting - Become a prospect by filling out the prospect test (found below) and sending it to the President's xbl, social club, or filling it out in the forum below

#1. Have you had any affiliations with past clubs? If so, list them.

#2. Are you relatively knowledgeable about MCs, hierarchy, rules, etc

#3. (if answered yes to #2) Are you lying? (if answered no to #2) Are you willing to learn?

#4. Are you willing to be loyal to LSMC and your higher ups?

#5. Have you read all the above rules?

Patch+ Member - Promoted to any rank higher than prospect via a Cabinet vote.Ranks will be earned by gaining trust, attending crew events, etc.


A meeting in which cabinet (and patched members) can attend, it deals with club affairs, and so on.


Hangaround - T Shirt or Tank Top with Patch on the front.

Prospect - Same as hangaround

Patch and above - Some form of jacket with the patch on the back

Certain articles of clothing are not club approved, you will be informed if you are wearing one of them


President - XBL- mrcheese008 (Social Club- http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/getrekty0l0)

Vice President - XBL- Loco Mexacan (Social Club- http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/komakozykid)

Secretary - XBL- MYS3XYNESS (Social Club- http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/nikthebadass)

Treasurer - XBL- UntouchedPig (Social Club- http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/facepa1m)

SGT. at Arms - XBL- None (Social Club- None)

Road Captain - XBL- None (Social Club- None)

( all of this and more can be found on our site: http://mrcheese008.wix.com/lostsoulsmc )

( the crew can be found here: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/l0st_s0uls_mc )

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