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[Xbox] HPR Car Meet/Show

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HPR Car Meets

Hey guys,

As a person who has run a good deal of car meets in the past on gta 5. I just wanted to say I had a great time, and that I appreciated the work put into the setup and execution of the car meet earlier today! There's just some thing awesome about seeing 16 muscle cars in a line with all their lights intact and moving is just awesome to me, so a big shout out to you guys!


Thank you so much guys to people that turned up to our meet with amazing cars and I hope that everyone is buzzing for the meet tonight pictures will be put up soon thanks



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HPR Car Meets

Thanks so much to all the people who turned up in last night's meet it was AWESOME. Somewhere around 200 people messaged me asking to join the meet. All the cars were nice and good to see a full load of 16 players as always cruising down the highway. Anyway i took quite a few shots of some cars in groups and separate. Thanks to all the people who voted my Classic Muscle and the Modern Muscle as the best cars. There are also pictures of them. Anybody that didn't get into the meet good luck for next time our lobby fill pretty quick. In the future meets if anybody wants some pictures of there car taken give me a call. Here are the pictures of the meet. Hope you like them.

Rate Of 10 For That Green ?
Filling Up FAST !
Nice Single File Line There Guys.
Where's Security Gone. Teagle Took Over icon_wink.gif
Filling Up The Tank.
Nice Location.
HPR Skyline n Aye up Rabbit Won The Best Car Award.

All the pictures were taken by HPR Skyline Rate out of /10 for them shots and cars. Thanks to HPR Skyline for hosting the meets for you all. Hope your exited for next meet any ideas for the theme ?

Edited by HPR Car Meets
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HPR Car Meets

Here are the options guys


Boy Racer / Ricers


Any Car / Bike

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HPR Car Meets

Right guys i think my-self i have came up with a amazing idea. This idea is that on Fridays & Saturday's we do a specific car meet. Then on Sunday's we allow any car/bike in the meet this can go from Sports to Super and bikes basically any car or bike aloud. If you like this idea then like this comment if we get over 10 likes we will stick to this idea.


Get Voting :panic:

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I like it... Im a fan specified/themed meets, yet Sunday gives everybody a chance who may not have the specified type of car from the night before. :^:

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HPR Car Meets

Yeah thanks guys i like the idea and yeah it does give "Everybody a chance to show there cars which aren't liable for that type of meet". So by doing this everyone can look forward to Sunday to show of some different types of cars.


Thanks For Voting Guys Get Friends To Like. :facedesk:

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When is this meet then?



When's meet?


Read the OP. I believe it's 5-6, not sure on timezone though.


Would like an invite for next event. gt- SNB Cola

Edited by StaticLW
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HPR Car Meets

Hello guys the Sunday car meet has started any bike/car is aloud in the meet and this meet will only be on for around 2hours due to it being Sunday and got school early in morning. Send HPR Skyline a message on Xbox saying "HPRCarMeet".

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HPR Car Meets

Hello guys just to let you know that the Any Car/Bike meet has ended by me due to people killing each other and not listening to rules. The meet may be started by one of the security members but not hosted to the standards of my rules. Pictures will be posted tomorrow. Also Nearly forgot to remind you guys - Get ready for the next meet Friday 16th May - Starts 10pm GMT - Theme: JDM Cars.




Edited by HPR Car Meets
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HPR Car Meets


Guys just to let you all know i am having real bad problems with my Xbox and internet so the Best Of
The DLC Cars/Bikes meet this Friday may be canceled. If you want further updates on if its going to be hosted or not then add our Skype: HPRCarMeets


I will send out messages on Skype everyday saying if we are going to be hosting the meet or not or any changes that are going to happen.


Thanks as always HPRCarMeets.

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HPR Car Meets

sorry to all the people who didnt get in the meet yesterday this website was playing up for me but here are some pictures.

Hello, guys the meet last night was good apart from the start. I 'HPR Skyline' took some great shots of the amazing cars that turned up. The best looking car personally was the Golden Zentorno it looked so nice in the sun. Remember follow us on twitter @HPRClub. Down below are some of the pictures so take a look.

Best Security Ever.
Leave A Comment /10 For That View.

HPR Skyline

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Great pics, looks like it was a good time... and damn, what a view!

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HPR Car Meets

Hello, guys the meet last night was awesome some real nice cars turned up. Anyway i took some nice shots of the cars and there were 2 winners for the best car award. The 2 cars were the Futo & Sultan. Both cars were nice and so were the rest of the cars. Thanks to everyone who said amazing meet. To stay up to date with the HPRCarMeets you can either follow us on twitter @HPRClub or add us on skype HPRCarMeets. Here are some pictures of the car meet comment what you think of the pictures so i can improve on the shots.

2ul0.jpg Good Lobby
Best Looking Car Winner - Well Done 'Owner'
qmbb.jpg Look At Dat Security ;)
kbbds.jpg Filling Up Guys ;)
shp6.jpg Best Looking 4Wheel Drive Car.


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HPR Car Meets

Yeah in a hour read the first post and look at 'Next Meet' that will tell you all the info ;)

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