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[Xbox] HPR Car Meet/Show

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Coupes Lobby List:

  1. HPR Skyline (Host)
  2. i x LiMiiTzZ
  3. CHIPPEWA388
  5. gtowndrifter92
  6. Cosssack
  7. Native Stabby
  8. x4BSOLUTExZER0x
  9. G Money316777
  10. SwR SaniTy
  11. DontCarBear1
  12. Gr8WoRkS
  13. Herbster31
  14. Crispy Nimp
  15. KJM126
  16. King Of SWAG 58

This is the lobby list for tonight some people may not turn up so add HPR Skyline and he will try get you in the lobby. Thanks guys get your coupes ready. DO NOT TURN UP WITHOUT A COUPE.

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Thanks for turning up guys it would have been a lot longer but I was busy. Nice pictures I'll post mine up soon.

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Just to let you guys know that the theme for today is now Slammed JDM so get your car ready and post your gamertags down. Hope aload of people turn up.

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I'm not trying to be nasty but please use common sense all the info is at the top of page 1 so take a look and read it carefully.

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I'll get everyone I can in still many spaces left and meet starts in 3hrs so get your JDM slammed cars ready.

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Chippewa388. What's JDM stand for and are we doing world cup colors today too?

We was going to do world cup colors but we may do that on Sunday thanks for asking though mate.

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Good meet last night a few people turned up hopefully more tonight but here are some pictures from last night. REMEMBER TO SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL http://www.youtube.com/hprclub


0_0.jpgSlowly Filling

0_0.jpgWait There Let Me Take A Selfie

0_0.jpgA Cool View

0_0.jpgAnother Cool View

0_0.jpgRed Smoke <3

0_0.jpgBest Car Winner


This Is What Happens When You Dont Bring The Right Car





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No Teagle it starts in 50 minutes exactly want to join. That goes for anyone the lobby list is being created and there are 13 spaces taken so hurry and post your gamertags.

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Slammed/JDM Lobby List:

  1. HPR Skyline (Host)
  2. Solar TeeK (Maybe Recording)
  4. xXDaftPunk097Xx
  5. CHIPPEWA388
  6. Crispy Nimp
  7. Cosssack
  8. R4W T4LENT
  9. TheGamester101
  10. gtowndrifter92
  12. TeagleBeagle
  13. -
  14. -
  15. -
  16. -

This is the lobby for tonight as you can see 4 spaces are available so ill leave that to you guys to add HPR Skyline and send him a message saying 'HPRCarMeet' the first 4 people will get an invite so take a chance and see if you get an invite. Some people may not turn up so add him anyway and try get a space. Se you guys soon have fun and take some amazing pictures.

Edited by HPR Car Meets
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