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[Xbox] HPR Car Meet/Show

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Hey HPR we just caused alot of of drama with K2 lmao go look at it.

Hey do you still need a recorder ceejae? yeah bro PM me and add me on xbl. I don't wanna post on Skyline's thread too much. But to everyone reading this HPR meets are awesome ! My car meet brother lol HPR and VCS are the sh*t
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Sorry it's taken a week but the Muscle Car Meet is finally uploaded, check it out, hopefully get some more car meets up in the future too!

Edited by Solar TeeK
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I'm so sorry for not hosting the Coupes car meet on Saturday or Sunday i was really busy and could not get online for the start time the Coupe meet will DEFIANTLY happen the Friday coming up which i believe is the 13th June. The pictures from Friday will be posted soon.




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Hello, guys the moment some of you have been waiting for... Our Muscle Car Meet is now on YouTube click the link below to view it. PLEASE LIKE THE VIDEO. The coupe meet has now been moved to Friday 13th June. Share the video on twitter and show it to other people just remember to SUBSCRIBE :facedesk:

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I'll try get you all in but you may not get a place. Post you gamertags on Friday for a deffenat invite. Hope you all liked the YouTube video. If you haven't yet watched it please go more up in the fourm it is still on page '14'.

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People have been asking me to put the pictures up of Fridays meet which i belive was any Car/Bike. So here you go sorry for the delay i busy as always making new things for the meets. Also please take 2 seconds to subscribe to our channel thanks http://www.youtube.com/HPRClub


0_0.jpgStart Location

0_0.jpgAnother View Of Meet Location


0_0.jpg2 Stingers <3

0_0.jpgFilling Up The Tank

0_0.jpgDrag Racing


Hope you enjoyed the pictures




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Hello, guys like this comment if you think for the car meet tomorrow we should do World Cup Team Colour Theme. By this I mean if your supporting England the put a white body on your car with red rims. If your supporting brazil them yellow body paint with blue rims If we get 5 likes by tomorrow then we will do this and do coupe meet on Saturday. YOU CAN CHOOSE ANY TEAM COLOUR YOUR SUPPORTING.

Edited by HPR Car Meets
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Right guys start to post your gamertag if you want to come in the coupe meet tonight. The world cup colour theme is on Saturday 14th.

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GT: x4BSOLUTExZER0x (#0x)

I also want to be on the list for the one tomorrow as well.

Edited by x4BSOLUTExZER0x
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Hope all you guys have you could car ready. To play with me (HPR Skyline) before the meet add only 3 people will be picked out of the messages. Only 4 hours left till the meet.

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