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[Xbox] HPR Car Meet/Show

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HPR Car Meets


If You're Added To The List And Not Online At The Start Of The Meet, You May Lose Your Spot. Pictures Will Be Posted After The Meet Just To Let You Guys Know What our Meets Are Like.



Date: 21st November
Theme: None

To Get Into Our Event That We Are Hosting... Simply Add This Xbox 360 Gamer-tag:
HPR Skyline - Send Me A Message Saying "HPRCarMeet".


  • No Killing
  • No Super Cars Unless Told
  • Passive Mode At All Times
  • No Squeakers
  • 15+ Only
  • No Crashing
  • No Yelling/Screaming
  • Must Be In Game Chat
  • No Over Taking In Cruise


Hello Guys We Have Made A Website Due To How Many People Come Into Our Meets. Somebody Said To Me "Make A Website" We Thought It Would Be A Good Idea So We Done It. If You Guys Want To Visit It Then Click The Link Below.

HPR's Website


In Order To join HPR You MUST Meet These Requirements. We Are Looking To Recruit Members Most Of The Time We Do Meets So Good Luck!

  • 15+
  • English Speaking Only E.g. Us/UK
  • Host Meets With Us
  • Do Everything We Say

If You Think You Meet These Requirements Then Message HPR Skyline.



If You Want To Contact Us In Any Way And Want To Ask Us Questions Then You Can Email Us, Twitter Or Add Us On Skype. The 4 Of These Methods You Will Receive An Instant Reply. Here Are Our Skype And Email Address.


Skype: HPRCarMeets

Email: <script type="text/javascript"> /* */ </script>




The Ban List Is Cleared Every First Day Of Each Month So Dont Worry Guys If Your On Here By Accident Then Speak To Me Threw Skype Or Wait Till Next Month.

If You Want To Join Our Meets As Security Then Add Me You Will Find The Contact Addresses ^Up In The Form. Only Maximum Of 3 Security Per Meet Due To Taking Up Peoples Spaces. I Will Tell You What To Wear If Your Accepted Into Security Department. It Is Usually A Full Black Suit. We Have A Good Team Of Security In HPR And Are Looking For More.

Edited by HPR Car Meets
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HPR Car Meets

Come On Guys Still Spaces Left Hurry While You Can !

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HPR Car Meets

Wow ! Great Car Meet And Drags Just Need To Improve A Few More Things For Next Meet. For The First HPR Meet Hosted By 1 I Think It Were Pretty Good Here Are A Few Pictures For You Guys Who Want To See What Our Meet Was Like. Start Posting For The Next Car Meet Which Is Sunday 4th May 10pm




























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HPR Car Meets

There are still many spots avalible guyd so lets get this list filled up !

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HPR Car Meets

Ok mate send HPR Skyline a message on xbox saying VIP to get into the meet at 10pm

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HPR Car Meets

Still Spaces Left Guya Get Adding And Send Me A Message Saying VIP My Gt Is HPR Skyline

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HPR Car Meets

3 and a half hours to go guys lets make it a good meet and keep the post live

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HPR Car Meets

Only 40minutes till the Boy racer car meet/show starts lets make it a good one send HPR Skyline a message saying VIP to get instant invite.

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HPR Car Meets

Good Meet So Far Guys BUT READ RULES GUYS There Are Still Sone Spaces Left So Add HPR Skyline On Xbox And Send A Message Saying Invite Then Ill Invite You If Sone Free Spaces.

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HPR Car Meets

Full lobby I think mate ill try get u in soon stay online mate

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HPR Car Meets

Great Meet/Show Last Night Guys Everybody's Cars Were Looking Cool. I Got Alot Of Pictures Of Cars Which Will Be Uploaded With This Reply So Scroll Down And Take A Look At Them. If You Couldn't Attend Last Nights Meet Then There Is A Big SUV Meet In About 3hours Take A Look At The Fourm Above^. If Some People Dont Get In Its Not My Fault Sorry The List Gets Full Quick. Make Sure To Read The Rules Before Entering The Meet.


Edited by HPR Car Meets
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HPR Car Meets

Guys Get Ready For The Next Meet 2Hours Left So Get You SUv's Ready & Be Prepared For The Meet/Show Lets Make It A Good One. Also Guys Feel Free To Copy These Pictures^ And Use Them As You Pc Background Or Even GtaFourm Profile Picture. Your Welcome. Add HPR Skyline To Get Into The SUV Meet/Show.


See You In The Meet Guys.

Edited by HPR Car Meets
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Just for future reference, The Surano isnt a SUV, it's the 2-door convertible that looks like the Jaguar F-Type.

The Serrano is the Mercedes GLK-like van you were probably referring to.

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HPR Car Meets

There Is A Surano SUV Mate Take A Look In The Picture Below.



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