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Opie Grim Reapers MC

Grim Reapers MC Ride for the Hills

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Opie Grim Reapers MC

Weazel New's

May 2nd 2014

Today the Los Santos Charter of Grim Reapers Motorcycle Club announced that on May 17th 2014 they will be hosting the Run for the Hills. Weazel News correspondent James Vercetti spoke with the National President of the Grim Reapers who said "The MC felt it was the best way to get back in touch with the community and remind them of who we actually are after several recent incidents with rival gangs and Club's." These accusations began after 6 Dead members of the Irish Anarchists Motorcycle Club, an enemy of Grim Reapers MC were found scattered across the Sandy Shores Airfield and in Sandy Shores on March 24th.



This is a PS3 run. The ride will begin at the Grim Reapers MC Los Santos clubhouse (Vanilla Unicorn) a session will begin at 8:45 so any interested Riders can be there up to 15 Minutes early. at 9:00 PM. Grim Reapers MC will lead the run, the ride will consist of mostly back roads. We will go through Central Los Santos into Vinewood Hills after we get through Vinewood Hills we will go through Grand Senora Desert. We will travel into Grapeseed, the ride will end at the Air Strip in Grapeseed.


Clubs In Attendance

The following will be Motorcycle Clubs attending the ride, if you have a problem with any MC's either work it out or do not come. Shoot-outs will not be tolerated.

As of May 3rd 2014

Grim Reapers Motorcycle Club

Hells Angels Motorcycle Club

Mayans Motorcycle Club



1 on 1 Cage matches

Drag Race down the airstrip

Motorcycle Jousting (Credit to Solace_Unity)


Time Zones

This is so you know what time to be online if your interested in attending.

Eastern Daylight: Session Opens at 8:45 Ride Begins at 9:00

Central Daylight: Session Opens at 7:45 Ride Begins at 8:00

Mountain Daylight Session Opens at 6:45 Ride Begins at 7:00

Pacific Daylight Session Opens at 5:45 Ride Begins at 6:00

If your interested in attending add Opie1220 on PSN


Any Questions P.M. Opie Grim Reapers MC

Edited by Opie Grim Reapers MC

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