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Need help on this forum!

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I don't know how to put an image in a spoiler instead of a link






I made a forum signature in gimp, how do I get make it my signature? No URL link I guess...

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Image in spoiler:

Insert Image URL Here

How to put a signature:


Go to User CP > Signature. And there put this:

[img=Insert Image URL Here]
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The image you want to use in your signature must not exceed 500x150 pixels, and needs to be uploaded to a website like imgur. Then you have to put the link in IMG tags, as seen above. There's another alternative to it:


[img=<insert image link>]
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Image Formats can be:



Or you can use:



[img=Insert Image URL]Example:[img=http://i.imgur.com/ju0S5KE.jpg]
You can find BBCode format to be used on message boards & forums when you upload images to sites like Imgur.


Go to User control panel » Settings » Profile Setting » Signature.


For a full help on BBCodes, you can also refer to my guide here.

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