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Gta V audio issue using hdmi connected to monitor


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So I've been playing Gta V on my television for quite a while now, and I really enjoyed it. Recently I bought a new monitor (Ilyama ProLite E2473HS). And my idea was to connect my older monitor to my pc and my newer one to the ps3.


This worked well untill i started up Gta V. There was no audio, only a static noise. The sound is a high frequency ticking (it kinda sounds like a machine gun). And this issue only occurs when I play Gta, not when I watch movies, browse the internet or other sound related stuff. I have not tried other games since Gta V is the only ps3 game I got.


I think my monitor causes the problem here, because everything worked perfectly fine with my television, but it may just be Gta V. With both my television and my monitor I used an HDMI connection for video/audio.


I really hope someone could help me out here, because I really want that double screen madness!


- LucidMe

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I'm struggling with this problem as well. Strangely enough, googling doesnt find any solutions at all, there aren't that many posts to begin with ( unless my search string is too generic). My monitor is a LG 23ea53v, with audio out, into which i plugin my headphones. All audio works fine, movies and music with ps3. Its only GTA 5 that has no audio :(

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Johnny Playert

I've experienced some HDMI trouble with GTA V as well, one minute i would have normal sound and the next it would have some crackling noises in it. Restarting the game would work half the time, if it didn't i just plugged the DHMI in and out a few times, that didn't always work either. What you should do is reset your Audio settings on your console, see if this helps anything. It worked for me. In either way, it looks like it's definitely the HDMI cable giving trouble.

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This isn't really a fix but more of a work around.


You will need the standard definition PS3 output cord (this is the same cord that is used on a PS2)-- plug this in as well as leave your HDMI plugged in.


Go into your audio settings on your PS3--set your audio out so it goes through this connector vs the HDMI (you can set it to dual (both) also if I remember correctly).


You will need to purchase this connector--




Plug this into the RCA jacks (red and white) on your PS3 SD cord. Plug your headphones into the audio jack.


You could also plug this into the audio jack on some PC speakers or even plug the PS3 SD cord into the audio in on a stereo input or into the audio ins (if the montior/TV has these).






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