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How to get a daemon in my garage


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drive it in? if it's from a mission you can't store it.

if you found it in free-roam. just drive it in

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You can get one from missions just make sure you don't has your personal vehicle out and once you respawn drive into a blue marker accept the job then back out as quick as you can then you should see the motercycle near you, all that's left is to make it yours

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Between 8pm and 4am (GTA in-game time) there's a Gang Attack under the pier with the fun fair on it....its vs. The Lost MC and when I did it they had Daemons with them. Kill them all and you've got yourself a new chopper!

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Commander S

Travel to the top of Mount Chiliad, and on the summit, mark out a pentagram with the Jerry Can - then stand in the centre and ignite it... :devil:

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