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Theme songs based own your creations.


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I had a idea pop in my head about having theme songs based on your own creations. Which I mean choosing a song that very well suits with your own creations.


Here's mine here I've got a theme song for all of my Cops And Crooks deathmatches. The Clash - I Fought The Law

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Most of my jobs are named after songs... mostly Tom Waits songs

Heartattack & Vine


Tom Traubert's Blues


to name a couple.


Then I also like Arlo Guthrie so I made a stunt run called Flyin' Into Los Santos



For fans of Master Sounds in the original GTA San Andreas I made

Smoke-in Cheeba



Night of the Living BASEheads


which is an NWA song that remixes The JBs "Grunt" my favorite song from the original San An.

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