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i finally got private fare...after 7 months lol


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i cannot believe this, ive had this game since release date in i think november 2013, now 5-2014 i FINALLY get the taxi mission. plus 2 other trophys. now im at 91%. i gave up on this game so many times from my icons dissapearing, to kifflom not appearing for months. but the trophy and mission finally popped and im ecstatic! lol


so i know theres a million threads about this mission not popping so ill share how i got it to work although i still think its just random luck


i had everything in sp done. the only trophy i needed in sp was get 70 gold medals. so i finished off my gold medals trophy on sp, kept killing time wandering around and no taxi mission call. i tried everything, leaving controller idle for hours and just driving around etc. i went to online from the dpad dial and won the last 2 challenges i needed for the trophy of completing all online challenges. my last 2 challenges i needed first in were golf and a sea race. i played one hole in golf against one person and won, then played a sea race against 1 person and won. while at it i played a extra custom made race against 2 others and came in 2nd. came back to sp from the dpad and immmediately the phone rang it was the cab company i answered and immediately saved. got the trophy.
extra info you dont need to be in a cab. i was outside my home and got in my regular car i always have in the driveway and immediately it rang. you click accept and a giant P shows up on the map. you go pick the person up and then drive the way they want you to. i had felipe which wanted me to drive like a madman. dropped him off he was happy and got the trophy.
now all i need is the rank 100 trophy. i should of boosted it before the patches oh well
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Alex Wesker

aw congrats ! must've been really annoying for you.

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