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The 24 Hours of Los Santos Race presented by ACSA (PS3)

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Hey everyone,

My friend and I are hosting a race on his PS3 track, 24 Hours of Los Santos this summer with a prize purse of 1.5 million GTA$ in the form of Shark Cards split between 3 classes (Super, Sports, Motorcycle).

This is a 8.65 mile track starting in Harmony which winds through Vinewood Hills and Tongva Canyon. When your run the race with 8 laps you will actually see a full in-game day/night cycle, as each lap is about 6 minutes long. The race is an homage to the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Here's How to Qualify:

1 Standing lap

3 Classes are open to qualify for and you can qualify for all three if you want to: Super, Sport, Motorcycles

-Custom cars allowed

Must be a solo race

Email a picture of the leaderboard after your race to [email protected] Make sure your PSNid and the full leaderboard are visible, no exceptions. We will make the current top 16 times visible on our website on the events page so if your time gets bumped out, you can submit a faster time to get back in.

In June the racers with the top 16 times will be put into 4-four driver heats with the top two finishers advancing. Those 8 racers will be put into the full eight lap race. Note about the races: no pitting maneuvers/aggressive contact or cutting of the track will be allowed. As we are the sanctioning body and sponsors of the race, Gopherr and I will not be racing in this race.

Have fun and start learning the track!

Questions about the track or race?

PSN ids:

Race Organizer/Promoter (me): dylansmaul

Track Designer: Gopherr

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