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Anyone Else Have The Same Problem?


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Posted this on another site a few days ago and haven't gotten any responses to it. So I thought i'd post here and see if I could possibly get any help.


Just wondering if anyone else on here is having or has had the same problems as me.


Didn't play the game for about 3 or 4 days. It was working flawlessly before and now it's having a bunch of problems. Every time I try to play it now, when I get into the story mode the mini map either doesn't load at all (map is just grey) or if it does happen to load the map it is insanely blurry/blocky. When I go and get into a car the radio doesn't work (can pull up the radio wheel but no music plays at all) and the only sound effect I can hear are the tires on the road. When the rest of the sound effects actually work it keeps cutting in and out. If I try to open the start menu, it just sits there with the loading icon and does absolutely nothing.


I have tried reinstalling the 8GB install at least 10 times and tried playing without any updates installed and it still does the same thing.


If anyone has any information on why this could possibly be happening, any help would be greatly appreciated!


Also, on a side note, when playing GTA V (when it partially works) the disc drive on my PS3 seems to be making a lot more noise then it did a few days ago. I am pretty sure the blu ray isn't crapping out either as I played Skyrim for a few hours last night and it worked perfectly.

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Detective Phelps

I think there is a problem with your console. :/

But you can play Skyrim, so it might be a problem with the game disc.

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I was thinking its a problem with the disc too.. I just find it really weird that it worked perfectly, then when I play it a few days later it's acting weird. But yeah, Skyrim is another game that's pretty hefty on the system and it works perfectly fine. Guess I need ot buy another copy of GTA then!


Oh, and thanks for your input by the way!

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Yeah what LS said I think either your disc is f*cked or your f*cked is disc.

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Ah. Okay. Thanks!


Its actually working fine at the moment, but guaranteed its going to screw up again.. I just know it.. Gonna get the disc resurfaced and see if that helps, if not, guess it looks like I have to buy a new copy then.. :/

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