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Are the new apartments also going to be in new buildings?


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It's pretty much confirmed at least one will be in Richards Majestic

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that's actually a stupid rumor started from misunderstanding the description of one of the new apartments.


what started as Richards Majestic being visible from the view in one of the new apartments somehow evolved to word of mouth confirmation that one of the new apartments is there.


people are stupid, and in this forum speculation becomes fact pretty fast.

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Someone from Rockstar confirmed there will be new apartments in the current buildings and some new buildings. I'd post a source but you have access to Google just like everyone else and I'll give you the chance to use it.

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Captain Revenge

It's all about the location and where on the map u wanna be based, the high end apts now look the same, i was at the 10 car garage and apt at Del Pierro Heights then moved up next to George and Weezy in Eclipse Tower. Both apts and garages are exactly alike the only thing that changed was the fantastic view that i have now. They could probably, potentially put an apt, garage or large interior into any building with a garage door. It's not like you have to open the door and walk up stairs, it's all breakaway animation that puts u in where ever, the interesting part is when the animation reacts with reality, like being in your apt window and seeing other players outside. I'm hoping the mansions have both physical and separate animated rooms, features or games. So as long as u have access to what u need from the map, that is where u need to live online.

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