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You guys have probably seen me around this forum plenty.


Add me on either console [slyolddogg] if you'd like to join in any videos. I'm online quite a lot, basically if you see me online you can join in. I usually run open friend sessions so anyone can come and join.


We're looking for funny stuff and random glitches to do with the odd tdm or race etc thrown in. We already have several regular members, but I'd like to get as many as possible so we can gear up for the GTA Olympics in the works.


Time zones are a pain in my ass so pretty much just anytime you see me feel free to join in.


Rules are you must be 18+, no grieving, and a mic is essential.


You can check out my youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/slyolddogg


I'm occasionally on my xbox console and I'd like to do at least one monthly episode on that console too.



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