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Change color to red and crop


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I was wondering if anyone could change the color of the black clothing (cloak and turban) in this pic to dark red and remove the background? Also if possible please remove the microphone clipped to his clothes.





Here's my terrible attempt to give you an idea of what I want in terms of the color and which clothing:



(Please do not just crop and repost this image)



Thanks to anyone who'll give it a try.



PS I promise to try and make this the last turban color change request lol

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I had to make it small, because if it were any bigger, it would say 'this image extension is not available'


LARGE SIZEhttp://i57.tinypic.com/2l9twfr.pngSMALL SIZEhttp://i61.tinypic.com/2jcgi2a.png 



Thank you very much, but unfortunately I need the same resolution :(


Could you upload it to imgur.com instead?

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Wait, so did you just crop and repost my previous attempt? lol





lol Alright thanks anyway bro.



Can anyone do the color replacement?

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