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How do I sell my adder


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I guess you've had it since high-end vehicles only sold for $50K?

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Well if you don't care about the cash you have possibly two options.


Strip all additions down to basic then sell. <-- may or may not work hard to say.


Buy something new say a free elegy and click the adder to replace. <-- definitely should work but you get nothing for it.

This second method is how I remove the free bought cars since you can't sell them.

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All you have to do is get the car impounded. Then go back to your garage and drive another one of your cars out of the garage. It will then warn you that if you leave the garage your impounded car will be destroyed. Select yes and that will get rid of it.

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And what if I DO care for the money?

Cut your losses and grind RR.


Or do the bike glitch and replace the adder to sell the bike for 700k+

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if your getting a car & might wanna get rid of it later,have a clean rebel in its place,then replace it with the vehicle you were after,then later down the track when you wanna sell,you will get the full $735k.. orrrr i can just give you an adder to sell if you need cash

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