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How to make Youtube video appear small in size?

KD himan

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I really need this, i saw in some other old topics and post, i've seen that people are posting youtube videos in very less size. idk how they do that, but know whenever i post a URL of an youtube video, the video is huge in size and i dont want it for some purpose. so someone can tell me how should i make its size smaller and in square?
Here's an example, look up this topic and checkout its trailer section, you'll see there is a short video - http://gtaforums.com/topic/468288-no-rules-in-the-sands/

Waiting for some good answers.
Thanks in Advance.

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You can't. That was the old forums. Since the update videos are bigger. (AFAIK)


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Like W2B said, there was a fixed size for videos posted on old forums. It used a totally different format compared to the new forums, making the videos on new forum huge.

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The layout is responsive, so - don't quote me on this - maybe if you place the video in a nested table or quote tag it'll be smaller? Won't make it square, howerver.

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