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Adding a photo upload option on the mobile site would be pretty awesome. I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to upload a picture on a thread but I can't because there's no option to on mobile and I don't have a computer since my husband got pissed off at our laptop and stomped on it. Lol.


I didn't see a post about this anywhere so I don't know if any one has mentioned it. But I've never had an option to upload pics from mobile. So...yeah.

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No need for that. It's very easy to upload an image on the mobile site.


First upload your photo to a site like imgur, photobucket or whatever, then copy the image URL.


On GTAForums, simply type [ I M G ] (no spaces), then paste your image url and then type [ / I M G ] (again, no spaces)


So it should look like [img.]Yadayadayada.jpg[/img.] (Without the dots)




Type [img.=paste your image URL here.jpg] (just remove that first dot)

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You cannot upload images to GTAForums' server. However, you can upload images to external image hosting sites and embed them on topics using BBCode.


Image Formats can be:



Or you can use:



[img=Insert Image URL]Example:[img=http://i.imgur.com/j4hxwdV.png]
You can find BBCode format to be used on message boards & forums when you upload images to sites like Imgur.


You can find some of image hosting websites here.


You can also try some of the alternatives:



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Let's not stop right there, I think she has other problems as well.


my husband got pissed off at our laptop and stomped on it. Lol.


Is he violent towards you too?


I see the little "lol" at the end of the sentence. Are you trying to laugh it away? This is a very serious problem.


Look, I found a site: http://www.domesticviolence.org/


Please stop him before it's too late.

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Well sh*t. Don't I feel like a dumbass. Hahaha. Thanks y'all!


PaletoChickenCapo, my husband isn't abusive. If he was, he wouldn't be my husband.

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