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Weapons won't work


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I've looked all over the internet to see if anyone else is experiencing a very frustrating bug/glitch that will no longer let me shoot from a vehicle. I have not played this since December....hooked it up today to get started again. It gave me the latest update and then realized I could no longer do this. Sorry if this has been discussed but as I said, I've searched the internet and this site and see no one else having this issue. Thank you

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This also happened to me for a couple hours I just restarted my console and it worked again.

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Cutter De Blanc

Likewise. It sorted itself out. I would've made a topic, but it fixed itself. I'm not sure, but I only had the problem when I went online or switched back to SP from online.

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Start a death match I think ?


I had that happen to me and I corrected it by joining a vehicle death match I think.


Don't quote me, that was two months ago.

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