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LS Multi Crew recruitment


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Hello my name is Austin, But my PS3 name is Darkfighter97. I was a Commissioner in the crew LS Car Shows. Unfortunately people were misbehaving even though we enforced the rules but we had to close it. So i have decided to make a multi crew. Basically we do a lot more than just car shows we might do Gang attacks or survivals. We could race or go off roading or simply just explore San Andreas. I will post the rules below. Before you join you must know that we are a mature based crew and don't tolerate nonsense. our meets are usually an hour to 2 hours. You must be at least 16 and everyone will go through an initiation test before being accepted or declined. (its not hard don't worry) Rules will be posted Below


GTA 5 Los Santos Multi Crew Rules


1. No Colored Tire Smoke ( No Exceptions)

2. Must be at least 16 years of age or older

3. You must pass the crew’s initiation test to even join

4. The Initiation test consists of the following

a. Driving Test

b. Shooting Test

c. Taste in Cars, Colors, etc.

d. How mature you are

5. You need to be able to buy cars if needed. Cars are not supplied. ( If you don’t have any money to get a car for the weeks activity then you better find a way to get money or talk to one of us, if not able to get a car by the meet, You will be asked to leave and won’t be able to rejoin.)( for that meet)

6. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

7. No messing around

8. If you come into the room you either participate or leave.

9. No unfitting wheels ( For example no high end wheels on a Z-Type)

10. No Obnoxious Paintjobs

11. We need Variety. Post on the forums page what car you will be driving (maximum of the same vehicle) (EX: No more than two dilettantes per meet)

12. Keep Mic Air ways clear No chit chat


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You NEED to read the Forum Guildlines and add a link to your Rockstar Social Club Crew to your first post.

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