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Albany Roosevelt in your garage?

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Hi... I have a quick question about a message I got the last time I loaded up GTA V...

Basically it was to notify me that a new car had been added to my garage... I'm assuming they are talking about the Albany Roosevelt, since this was like two weeks ago when I got the message...

What I'm curious to know is: Was the Roosevelt for story mode (non online gameplay) too, or was that just for online...

I ask this because all of my garages are full and no new cars have been added to them... (I don't play the online version)

I don't even see it showing up in any of the stores (websites).


Thanks in advance for any info on this, and sorry if this is in the wrong area or anything.

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Hello, the Roosevelt was for story mode too and was part of the Valentines Day free DLC.


Since then there has been another DLC, the business update which included a further 3 cars


To see the cars, go into your big garage and press--> on your D Pad when prompted.

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Awesome! thanks for the reply Barefoot Tiger! I read your reply while I was out and had to check it out as soon as I got home...

I just spend like two hours messing around with the Turismo R... thats one sick ride.

Thanks again!

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