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Predator 100% Gold


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Hi guys,


Ik was really hoping to find some help here.

I'm stuck trying to complete the story mode on gold and in particular at the mission "Predator".


In this mission you have to do the following in order to achieve gold:


Shooting accuracy of at least 70%

Complete within 9:00

Kill 3 enemies with headshots

Don't kill any animals


The hardest part is the headshots. For this you have to be able to use Michael's special ability but every time when I replay the mission, Michael's special ability bar is just empty! Franklin and Trevor's are full but Michael's always empty so I'm not able to get the headshots.


Is there anyone who can help me with this?

Maybe someone can tell me how I will be able to start the mission with Michael's special ability bar repleneshed?



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If your using replays it depends on who you are before you start the replay. Try filling everyones bars then switch to Franklin or Trevor before you start the replay. If one dont work try it with the other.

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This is a little old, but i had the same problem. There are a couple of solutions:


1. Shoot the deer. Killing deer fills up your meter (very slowly). This means you won't get Thin the Herd, but if you are playing on replay, you probably already have it anyway. This also bumps up your accuracy.


2. Kill the first two guys with regular shots then kill the third with Franklin using a headshot. Immediately switch to the RPG and shoot the ground at your feet, killing Franklin. The mission resets to Franklin and Chop heading after the third guy. Repeat the process until you have 3 headshot kills. It's an exploit and you can't get the accuracy or time requirements, but it gets the job done.


Hope that helps.

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Don't start the mission until you fill up Michael's special meter. Just take his car out for a spin because Michael's special meeter fills up when you maintain high speeds in a car. Once you have a full meter, start the mission.


I don't like to advance through the cutscenes so I hate jobs that have a Mission Time criteria. You can't meet Mission Time unless you skip all of the cutscenes.


The hardest part about Predator are the headshots because they are hard to get without Michael's special and waiting for the shot eats up Mission Time, but you can split them up between Michael in Franklin.


The headshot on the guy in the water will be pure luck. Even with Michael's special on, the dude in the river will still swim pretty fast. Best advice I can give you is to turn on the special, lead your shot, and hope the target swims into the bullet.


Second headshot is easy, but it takes the O'Neil brother a long time to clear the tree line so that you can get a good shot. Be mindful of the mission time and try to get the first two headshots as quickly as possible.


Third headshot is easy. Switch to Franklin and have him chase down the last guy. Once you find where the last O'Neil brother is located, arm one of your better pistols and shoot him in the back as he runs away. Keep your gun trained on him and line up your headshot as he gets up off of the ground.


If luck is on your side, you will have only fired a total of five bullets.


TBH, this is one of those missions where it is better to be lucky than it is to be skilled. You may have to replay it a couple of times later on to meet the Gold Medal criteria.


Fly back to the airfield as quickly as you can and remember to advance through the last cutscene.

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