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i almost have a heart attack with my garage [Garage Glitch]


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i was a bit bored today so i just move to my apartment (Eclipse Towers) and call nikki

when nikki arrived in my house i invited all the people in the session to my house (8 players)

All except one come to my house, when we were inside the house 3-4 players gone to my garage, then i just move to my garage ...

when i just exit the elevator y found that all my 7 cars where gone, only my sportbike is in my garage so i just disconnected my xbox very fast evoiding the save to rockstar cloud servers

i turn on my xbox again a bit scared and thought, well yes all my beautiful cars are gone..

after the long time loading the game i spawned me in the place were i was after the mission i made and when it got saved to rockstar servers

i called my mechanic for see if got my cars back and he can give me one and he says he cant right now so i get more and more scared ...

but i noticed i was in middle in vespucci beach pier because i made the supervivance there so i saw that he really cant give me the car

i move away to the road and call mechanic, i saw all my cars in the pone list and tell me to take my turismo and well i got it and gone fast to my house to see if i still got my cars and they are all in my garage yay!!! :lol:

so i just imagine what i would do if some seconds laters after my cars were gone it got automatic save to rockstar cloud :barf:

since now my cars will be totally locked, till now passengers were abled to get in and nobody will visit my apartment


what i would do without my beautiful cars? :lol:





Banshee - Adder - Turismo - Feltzer - Entity XF - Sultan - Sandking - Coquette - Bati 801 - Merryweather Jeep

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ive had that happen a few times to me lol it honestly is a little scary. its like damm..all those months, for what?

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What would you do without your cars?

Probley get a life and not freak out about losing fictitious things

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– overeducated wonk who fetishises compromise

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