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Parkour experiment


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Hey, I've been experimenting on some parkour style tracks. GTA only races where you go on foot over buildings. In this way it becomes like a deathmatch race.

It was quite hard to do as you can't get off your bike in test mode. That's why, for example, the large jump is there in the middle of the beach to hit the one cp of the next building row in testing mode.

I've been trying to make a parkour DM, and capture but they didn't work out as well as my parkour race imo.

Normally it's ment for melee only but as you can't lock weapons in races it's the players' choice. Played it with weapons last time and it works quite well imo.




Would like to hear some thoughts:

The title and concept are based on the movie District 13. (Luc Besson, David Belle)


Banlieue 11


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Good film. Will give it a go. Like unique stuff when it works.

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Too bad this doesn't work for everyone. The description does state it clearly but half the random people I've played it with start driving their motorcycle to the ground and killing their neighbours over and over again instead of going forward. Myeah,... Good thing though my friends do think this works if you read the description and try your best not to be aggressive.


I've made a second one and it's easier and more fun if you start shooting too:


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The community is often the most frustrating limit of the creator.

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