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What are the chances of me randomly finding a Hatch?


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So of course I've heard of the Underwater hatches, but aren't there only two? I've never went a found these in story mode, or anything, I've only heard about them here on the forums.....


I was bounty trolling a few weeks ago, and I got the submarine on the Far East side of the map, and I just started exploring, kinda out and towards the south.. I eventually started going deeper and deeper, just ignoring the depth warnings...


A few turns and forks in the road later, I just randomly popped up on a hatch with a light on. It was about the same latitude as the chemical plant... The depth warning was still on, but I pushed on, right into this valley right next to the hatch. I exploded very shortly after lol


I mean, is it just a coincidence? I just thought it was hella weird that I would find 1/2 so randomly like that... But then again, they were made to be found lol




Tl;dr randomly found 1 of 2 hatches while bounty trolling in the sub. sh*t blew my mind lol

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Can I have this moved to the GTAV forum, I found it while online, so I just posted here....

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